• Interactive session is at Chandigarh

      FREE INTERACTIVE SESSION with SUCCESS GURU A.K.Mishra on 22 May at 12 PM.           TEST SERIES at Jaipur center

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  • Upcoming Batches

    • Upgraded Foundation Course - A complete solution for Prelims, Mains and Interview

      Delhi, Hazaribagh and Ranchi:10th June, 10th July and 10th Aug                                               Chandigarh:25th May, 15th June and 15th July     Jaipur: 20th May                                     Guwahati : 20th june

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Recommended Books

History of Modern India History of Modern India The history of the Republic of India began on 26 January 1950. The country became an independent nation within the British...
World History World History World history, global history or transnational history (not to be confused with diplomatic or international history)...
Indian Heritage and Culture Indian Heritage and Culture The UPSC with an aim to assess the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of candidates rather than merely...
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    • 12th March, 2014

      On 12th March, 2014, Success Guru AK Mishra launched the new hi-tech setup of Ranchi Branch. The new...

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Quality is never an accident, it is always a result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.
- Success Guru AK Mishra

Student Speak

Ankur The journey from a Charted Accountnat to an IAS was only possible because my family had fath in me, they stood by throughout, i also extend my gratitude to AK Mishra Sir for guiding me during my course of preparation and showing the right path.

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